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Before buying an Android TV, check this in order to prevent malware
Researchers have previously discovered that certain popular Android TV boxes, available on Amazon and endorsed with top ratings, were found to be preloaded with malware. These devices were manufactured...
Google's Magic Compose is here - Generating message suggestions powered by AI
Google kicks off with beta release of Magic Compose, a new feature powered by AI to help users generating messages. However, Android Police has highlighted a significant caveat: the feature sends up to...
Meta plans to impose restrictions of advertising to enhance the performance of Facebook Marketplace.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has provided significant assurances to antitrust regulators in the UK in an effort to address concerns regarding its utilization of advertising data for the advantage...
Sony announces Project Q - an 8-inch handheld to stream games
  In an earlier showcase event, Sony officially announced the development of a PlayStation handheld device aimed at enhancing the accessibility of playing PS5 games. The company announced the product,...
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