Off the Shelf LinkedIn Clone with High End Features


GlobalIn – A Readymade LinkedIn Clone is power packed with all must modules and features to launch the professional network immediately without any sort of hassles or worries.

Let’s discuss about each stakeholder specific features followed by unique features.

User and Company Specific Features
  • Detailed profile creation with short introductory video resume
  • Dashboard Management
  • Connections and Post a Job feature
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Benefits of Professional Social Networks Catching Eyeballs


Gone are the days when eCommerce was bifurcated as B2B i.e. Business to Business or B2C i.e. Business to Consumer, this era is more inclined towards C2C rather H2H. Entrepreneurs are disrupting conventional models with C2C concepts; this is just because of stupendous success of customer/human centric giants. Businesses have started realizing users more as humans rather than a customer. Past over a decade we have witnessed business boom focusing on a common factor – “the Human Connection”. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Tinder, LinkedIn, Viadeo are the major players that comes to mind instantly although ruling different business verticals.
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Growing BOOM for Social Networking Sites


Today, we have gathered some fascinating information on social networks – the most dominating industry segment in 2017. Impeccable growth observed in social networks is constantly luring business owners. Journey from BBS to full-fledged tech-savvy website and apps is astonishing. Every year there is an exponential increase in number of start-up’s and users as well. We @TechBizStudio ( has got chance to work on recently acquired giant LinkedIn. You may would want to go through our social media and networking page to check out the important modules and features ( . Let’s dive into the specifics for reason of this boom.

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How To Make Business Network Similar To Linkedin


Global In – A powerful and customizable LinkedIn clone that has all the features required for the business network site.

Some Quick facts and Figures About LinkedIn
  • LinkedIn – The Only Pioneer in Business Networking Segment With No Real Competition
  • Founded in December 2002
  • Widely spread across 200 countries, Currently having world- wide user base of 467m with 2 new members per second
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9 Advanced Tips For Successful Startup


Well, number of startups is increasing rapidly. This gave us a strong agenda to come up with advanced tips for a successful startup to help buddy entrepreneurs. I have managed to consolidate 9 tips that you can consider for your startup. Do check out them out.

First impression – less than 3 seconds

First impression is the only impression that you carry in customer’s mind. Imagine any user revolving in this World Wide Web across n number of websites and quickly skimming and scanning across the websites to look out for information. If your website or landing page isn’t soothing, it just takes less than 3 seconds to press exit button and you losing a “prospective client” or a lead after all hard earned efforts.

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Simple Inevitable Steps On How To Start An Online Business


Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. I’ve seen thousands of people start and grow successful businesses. Got some time to pen down the essential do’s before starting an online business.

Find a need

Most people who are just starting out make the mistake of looking for a product first, and a market second. Start with a market to boost your chances to success.

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